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Privacy notice regarding personal data protection


Privacy notice regarding personal data protection:


The SPER Institute “Romanian Society of Experiential Psychotherapy” and the SPER Publishing House undertake to use the personal data of the users/ clients/ authors only for the purpose of establishing contact with them, in order to issue the documents evidencing the publication of an article, attendance of a course/ workshop or professional certification changes, in order to carry out the process of ordering and delivering products (books, journals etc.), for the purpose of tax documents, as well as for informing the users/ clients/ authors on issues related to the operation of web sites and their offers and newsletters. In the case of publishing books, articles, or the like, their title, picture and author's name and affiliations, as well as his/her contact address may be published together with them (printed and / or electronic and / or online).

The data will be processed as long as necessary for the purposes described above or until the agreement is revoked.

We want to inform you that you can unsubscribe at any time from the SPER Institute newsletter and withdraw your consent for the purposes described above at any time. The security of your data is very important to us. We constantly ensure that our storage and processing systems have a high level of security and are aligned with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations on personal data protection.

These information are not made available to other companies or institutions for commercial purposes, for the purpose of creating databases of any kind or of interconnecting databases, and will not be disclosed to any third party, individual or legal persons, except the Romanian College of Psychologists, in compliance with the regulations in force, and the competent bodies of the state, which address a written request in this respect. Rights of the person providing personal data: the right to access, the right to rectification, the right to delete data (“right to be forgotten”), the right to restrict processing, the right to oppose.



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Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy is acknowledged in B+ category (CNCSIS) and it is indexed IDB - in the International Data Bases, known for Psychology and Educational Sciences according to the Appendix 28 published in Monitorul Oficial, Part I, no. 890 bis/27.XII.2012:

The journal is a quarterly review.

ISSN 1453-634X

e- ISSN 2359 – 7607

ISSN–L 1453 – 634X

Journal edited under the aegis of

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University of Bucharest – Unifying Experiential-Humanistic Psychotherapy, Clinical Evaluation and Personal Development Research and Training Laboratory (LPEU)
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (Doctoral School and the Department of Master Degree in Psychodiagnosis, unifying experiential psychotherapy (UEP) and personal development);
Clinical psychology and child and family psychotherapy; Clinical psychology – evaluation and therapeutic intervention)